Brand reputation and crisis management: Playstation Network case study

ArticleThread As of tomorrow's rawhide [1], gnome-session will no longer treat llvmpipe as an unsupported driver. This means gnome-shell will run even on hardware without a native 3D driver, including virt guests. There are probably bugs! I've done some quick tests on the hardware I have handy and in kvm, and things do appear to work. You, lucky contestant, might have a different experience. If you do, bugzilla is standing by and ready to take your call; please file against the 'mesa' component and set me as the assignee. In the meantime you can still get to fallback mode through the Graphics section of the System Info control panel.

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Neste trabalho iremos explicar o problema e o que aconteceu à Playstation Network. The scope of this work will be in the United States as it is the best represented country on the Playstation Network with more than 30 million users Sony, and it is also the country with more studies and information regarding the video games market. Playstation Network was launched in November 10,along with the Playstation 3 launch in Japan. Since then it has had a great success and today it consists of approximately servers, 50 software programs and 77 million registered accounts Sony, This Case Study regards the shutdown of this service for 26 days, from April 20 to May 15due to an external attack to the network that resulted in the compromise of the personal information of the users stored on the servers. This attack had an impact not only on the Sony and Playstation brands, particularly in their reputation among consumers, but also on the online business industry, since this attack brought to light the problem of personal information security. In this work, we will explain the problem and what happened to the Playstation Network.

Rawhide gets GNOME Shell for all display types

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