Golf Algarve 23

E enquanto os nossos participantes manifestam o seu contentamento, mais interesse parece haver em patrocinar estes eventos. Some predict a further down turn in the economy, but others keep optimistic with new prospects in golf tourism. It is predicted — from advance bookings — that some of the more prominent golf courses in the Algarve will do quite well in Without ashes in the sky, too much rain on the ground or a sinking pound, the Algarve should have a prosperous new year. There is a lot of anticipation around the Golfocus Tournaments next year. The Golf Algarve League is coming up stronger than ever, with more teams wanting to join. And as our treasured participants manifest their enjoyment, the more interest there is in sponsoring these events. All we ask is that the Golfocus Tournaments be as exciting as they were inbut naturally the Golfocus Team will continue to work hard to ensure that our participants and supporters alike will see the rewards of our efforts. A Golfocus Lda.

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